Entrance of Property

3200 Mangum Road Apartments, Ltd. 3200 Mangum Road. Houston, TX 77092

Recent renovations at the apartment complex have completely transformed the living spaces and brought a touch of modern elegance to the entire property. With the addition of stunning new cabinets, flooring, and amenities, residents are sure to be blown away by the upgrades. Location-wise, the complex is situated in a prime spot with easy access to multiple freeways and an array of shopping malls in close proximity, offering residents the ultimate convenience and accessibility. Safety is also a top priority with the installation of security cameras throughout the property, ensuring the safety and security of residents around the clock. And with the new gym facility, residents can stay fit and healthy without ever leaving the complex, providing them with the ultimate convenience and saving them time and money.

Type: residential

Acquired: December 1994

Units: 135

Website: silverstarhouston.com